The Factory Black '59

The Factory Black '59

Factory Black 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

We’ve had many great Les Pauls come through our doors but this might be the most incredible yet!

Introducing the Factory Black'59! This original 1959 Les Paul Standard was custom ordered with a black finish and a Bigbsby making it one of the rarest Les Pauls ever made! The story goes that a young Jazz guitarist Joseph Arena wanted a black guitar to match his tuxedo but a Les Paul Custom was out of his price range so he opted to custom order for the les expensive Standard but with a black finish. The guitar was ordered through Sam Ash in Hempstead New York and has stayed in the original family until now.

We were elated to have the guitar in the shop and are thrilled to have found it a new home. Rest assured, this guitar is in good hands.

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