Carter Vintage Instrument Repairs

Carter Vintage Guitars is Open for Repairs

Located in our brand new showroom on 8th Avenue South in Nashville, the Carter Vintage Repair team is now accepting outside guitars for repair!

Our primary focus is on structural repairs for fine vintage (pre-1980) and other high-value guitars. We have a world-class staff of master luthiers and high-quality technicians to handle complex repairs for high value instruments. Headstock and neck breaks, body cracks, neck re-sets, fretwork, bridge repair/replacement, finish touch up, pickup repair/replacements, neck re-shaping, bridge plate repair/replacement, are just a few of the repair services we now offer.

Carter Vintage Repair Team

    Greg Ellis

    Head of Repair & Authentication

    Steve Mather

    Master Luthier, Team Lead

    Scott Holyfield

    Master Luthier

    Bobby Ramsdell

    Guitar Technician

    Jake Byrne

    Guitar Technician

    Richie Kirkpatrick

    Guitar Technician

CVG Repairs Price List

  • Acoustic Neck Re-set - $850.00
    (includes new nut, saddle, and minor fret work where needed)
  • Level 1 Headstock/Neck Crack - $350.00
  • Level 2 Headstock/Neck Break - $700.00-$800.00
  • Level 3 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Breaks - $ 1,000.00 - $1,250.00
  • Back, Sides, and Top Cracks (Standard Acoustic Guitars) - $120.00 per crack
  • Bridge Lift and Re-Glue - $250.00
  • Fret Level, Crown, and Polish - $200.00 + $50.00 Stainless Steel
  • Full Fret Replacement
    • Rosewood and Ebony - $500.00 (+ $100.00 for Stainless Steel)
    • Maple and other Lacquered fretboards - $600.00 (+ $100.00 for Stainless Steel)
  • Acoustic Bridge Replacement
    • Standard Martin and Gibson styles - $375.00
    • Gibson Mustache and other Custom styles - $500.00
  • Acoustic Bridge Plate Replacement - $350.00
  • Acoustic Bridge Plate Plug and re-drill - $150.00
  • Acoustic Pickup Install - $150.00
  • Electric Pickup Install and Rewiring - $75.00 per pickup
  • Advanced Repairs - reach out to team for quote

*Basic setups and restrings are not offered by our shop for outside repairs, but are included as part of our standard $75 bench/photography fee when listing an instrument on consignment with us.

Contact Us to Schedule Repairs

Our repair staff is available Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm. Limited staff are available on weekends, but dropoff is available Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 4pm.

If you are not in the Nashville area, you can contact us via email to start the process for getting a repair estimate at [email protected].