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Teletronix MDV3M Mulholland Drive Mountain

Teletronix MDV3M Mulholland Drive Mountain

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$ 229.00
The Mulholland Drive™ is a low gain voiced overdrive/booster pedal designed to not colour, but remain true to the tone of your guitar and amplifier. In other words, it is transparent in its approach to natural overdrive.

the Mulholland Drive™ was designed to give you more of that drive you desire without sacrificing your tone. The idea is simply clarity.

The Mulholland Drive™ is the result of starting at square one and designing an overdrive that is not only transparent in its tonality, but organic and natural. We've listened to many preamp sections of some classic amplifiers as well as some highly coveted vintage overdrive pedals. The end product is something that will not only impress but inspire.

This boost style overdrive is a lower-range gain pedal that starts at a clear clean state and follows through to an organic pushed pre-amp fluid overdrive.

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