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Pete Cornish TB-83 Extra

Pete Cornish TB-83 Extra

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This is the second Pete Cornish Treble Boost designed and built by him from the early 1970s and still in production. It is one of the original versions supplied to Brian May and can be heard on Queen recordings. Pete is still using the same artwork for the circuit board and identical components are sourced from the original suppliers.

Each pedal is individually hand made by Pete, Lynda and Mingus Cornish from the etching of the circuit board through to the testing of the finished unit. No other person is involved in the production.

When used on it?s own, the main use of this unit is between the Guitar and “Normal” input of early Vox AC30s to improve the Tone and Overdrive characteristics by adding some “Dirt” and “Bite” to this low gain type of amp. The bypass footswitch may be used to completely disconnect the TB-83 EXTRA™ from the guitar/amp circuit and the volume control may be used to reduce the amount of boost, when switched on, presented to the amp input.

The TB-83 EXTRA™ was designed to compliment the already in-line TB-83™; for solos and other artistic reasons the TB-83™ boost was required to be louder and with more “bite” to bring it above other instruments in the live or recorded mix. There are two ways in which the TB-83™; and the TB-83 EXTRA™ may be connected to bring out this extra benefit:

Guitar into TB-83™ in; TB-83™ out to TB-83 EXTRA™ in; TB-83 EXTRA™ out to amp in. TB-83 EXTRA™ volume control may be used to match the level when the TB-83 EXTRA™ is engaged and the additional treble boost will allow you to “cut through” the mix.

Guitar into TB-83 EXTRA™ in; TB-83 EXTRA™ out to TB-83™ in; TB-83™ out to amp in. The TB-83 EXTRA™ volume control now has a completely different function: it allows complete control over the “drive” into the TB-83™ input with a huge range of different sustain and harmonically rich distortion products. The overall volume, however, will remain virtually constant but the new singing tone will delight and excite you.

Housed in a Rugged Die-cast box with easy to set Number Knob.
Heavy Duty all-metal footswitch with Hi-Brite LED.

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