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Pete Cornish

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$ 800.00
$ 800.00
In the range of generally available fuzz boxes covering a scale from 1 through 10, this one goes to 15 ! Specifically designed to simulate “Imminent Amp Death” this custom built unit features several separate stages so that the user may tune it to his or her own degree of ‘I.A.D.'.

The first stage is a Linear DRIVE with up to +26dB of gain feeding the second stage; a stabilized discrete preamp which overloads smoothly when overdriven. The third stage is where the NG-3™ magic takes place; it simulates a tube amp that has been over or under biased or has suffered serious tube or output transformer failure (The sound just before the fuse blows). The SUSTAIN control adjusts the signal level into the third section and can be adjusted from ‘Tired Output Tubes’ to ‘Melted Tubes and Shorted Output Transformer’.

NG-3™ Variable BIAS Control: Class A setting is with BIAS fully clockwise; Class B is approximately 12 o'clock and Class C fully anti-clockwise. Intermediate settings may be found to offer enhanced tone colours to suit the material being played.

Technical explanation: The audio signal level, which is dependent on the settings of Drive and Sustain, is compared to the amount of Bias set and my Vari-Class amplifier stage permits either the whole signal to pass (Class A) or varying amounts (Class B or C).

Class-A amplifiers are biased to conduct over the whole of the input cycle and produce the lowest distortion.
Class-B amplifiers are biased to amplify 50% of the input signal and consequently create more distortion than Class A.
Class-C amplifiers are biased to conduct less than 50% of the input signal and the distortion at the output is higher than either Class A or Class B. Only the peaks of the signal will be passed on to the next stage when the BIAS is set to Class C.

TONE and VOLUME controls complete the ensemble to allow matching to your bypassed signal level. To glory in the sound of this pedal feed it into an amp capable of delivering huge amounts of clean, pure tone into your speakers.

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