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JHS DD-7 Digital Delay Boss modified by JHS

JHS DD-7 Digital Delay Boss modified by JHS

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Have you ever wished you could seamlessly choose a second "Mode" setting on your DD-7 with the tap of a footswitch? Well now you can!  We take your stock DD-7 and give you a second "Mode" option with the tap of an onboard footswitch.  We add a footswitch and internal trim pot combination that allows you to dial in two independent Modes of your DD-7 and toggle between them using the footswitch.  The main Mode setting is still set normally using the external Mode knob.  The second Mode setting is set by the internal trim pot (which mimics the regular Mode knob). You can use the footswitch to toggle between the two on the fly and with our extra "Mode" LED you will clearly see what mode you are in!  No more bending over in the middle of a song to go to switch between your two favorite Modes.

One cool thing about this mod: Use the normal Mode switch in a tap setting and use the second mode switch in a non-tap setting... When you toggle between the 2 settings, it saves your tapped setting even if you tweak the delay time knob on the non-tap setting.

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