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Analogman Sunface CV 7005

Analogman Sunface CV 7005

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$ 239.00
The Analog Man Sun Face custom built fuzz pedal. This is higher quality than almost any other fuzzface clone you will find. Available with several transistor choices and many, many options.

This Sunface has many transistor options, there is no BEST, they are all similar but have some differences that should make some better than others for your needs.

Mullard CV7005 - Military spec germaniums from 1973, medium to low gain. We found that almost all of the NKT-275 sold, especially in the last ten years, are actually re-labeled transistors. We were able to see a CV7005 mark faintly on some of them (they rub off the old markings before re-labeling them), so we bought a bunch of these in the UK over a decade ago. They have "KBDA 7301" on them. 7301 means 1973, 1st week. The K means that it has been manufactured to specification, the B indicates that approval was given by UK military authorities (military spec), D is the factory identification code for Mullard Ltd, and A is the Mullard Blackburn factory. We we know EXACTLY when and where these were made, and by whom. They sound almost identical to the NKT275 because they are probably the same thing. I did a comparison and found the Mullards have a little more ATTACK to them and cut a little better, they sound almost identical to the white dot NKT275, not as dark as the red dot. Also great in our Beano Boost!

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