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AmpRX 2016 BrownBox

AmpRX 2016 BrownBox

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$ 349.00

Professional recording studios, techs and musicians know that proper supply voltage is essential for optimal Tube amplifier performance. You too can NOW Capture that elusive, classic warm vintage tone with BrownBox.

The basis for any signature world-class tone of course begins with talent ,but it also requires a consistent and dependable signal chain , and for that you need to know where to begin. BrownBox provides that consistent basis ,Guaranteed. Over and over , BrownBox user's testify as to how their amps tone, touch and feel have finally come together providing them with improved harmonics and dynamic amp performance.Take control of your signal chain and begin building a signature world-class tone all your own.. Classic Tube Amp tone begins with BrownBox.

BrownBox Key Features

  • Easy to read, back-lit L.C.D. display enabling real-time voltage and amperage monitoring, also useful for diagnostics.
  • Tough road rugged construction.
  • Proprietary Transformer designs wound exclusively for use with tube amplifiers, an industry first!
  • Filament soft-start in full reduction mode. 
  • A powder coated EMF neutral housing. In-rush current protection, fused over-load protection .
  • Silent , cool operation.
  • Custom wound 5 amp proprietary transformer that will supply 540 watts max@ 120 Vac. Designed for Mid to larger sized Amps , Fender Bassman, Marshall 50s/100S Etc or for Parallel or( DUAL) amp rigs.Be sure to Check the Manufactures info plate on the rear of the Chassis for input watt requirements or simply call us, we love to help.
  • Made in the USA.

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