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AP806 Alessandro AZZ Cab 4x10 2 neodymium, 2 ceramic speakers (Derek Trucks setup), poplar cabinet $2000

AP704 Egnator Rebel 112X $200

AP803 Fender Tonemaster 4x12, white tolex $375

AP793 Fender Tonemaster 4x12, white tolex $375

AP653 Fuchs Feiten Design 2x12 $850

AP654 Fuchs Feiten Design 2x12 $850

AP468 Hiwatt SE4123 4x12, Celestion greenback speakers dated may 1971 $1600

AP1203 Hiwatt 4x12 20w Celestions from 1967 with Marshall stickers, reconed, same speakers that were in the earliest Bluesbreakers $1,250

AP703 Marshall 1960A 4x12, basketweave grille, British speakers $800

AP574 Marshall 1960B 4x12 $450

AP262 Marshall 4x12 slant $550

AP511 Marshall basketweave grille, 65w Celestions 1980-82 $1250

AP1279 Marshall handwired 4x12 cabinet, with road case $1400

AP218 Reinhardt 2x12 celestion g12 vintage 30s, with road case $900