Carter Vintage Guitars offers one of the largest selection of guitar effects in Nashville. Below are some of the brands we currently have in stock. We also carry a large selection of used and vintage effects! Products will be listed on the site soon!

JHS Pedals
Strymon Pedals
Analogman Pedals
Jetter Pedals
J Rockett Pedals
Earthquaker Devices
Electro Harmonix Pedals
TC Electronic
Mythos Pedals
Pigtronix Pedals
Mojo Hand FX Pedals
Wampler Pedals
Eventide Pedals
Catalinbread Pedals
Empress Effects Pedals
Walrus Audio
Matthews Effects
Neunaber Effects
Pete Cornish Pedals
Dunlop Guitar Effects
Bogner Effects Pedals
KHDK Effects
Chase Bliss Audio
Keeley Electronics
Vertex Effects
Mad Professor Effects
Black Cat Pedals
Caroline Guitar Co Effects
Cusack Music Pedals
Way Huge Electronics
Xotic Effects
Source Audio
Oddfellow Effects
Seymour Duncan Pedals
MXR Pedals
Mooer Effects
Line 6 Effects
Yellowcake Effects
Emerson Custom Effects
Origin Effects

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