Meet the CVG Crew


Walter Carter

Christie Carter

Christie and Walter Carter founded Carter Vintage Guitars in November 2012 with the vision of providing a comfortable place for fine fretted instruments and the people who appreciate them.  

Christie spent 35 years in the vintage guitar business selling high-end guitars. During that time she built a reputation for honesty, full disclosure and all-around good advice.

Walter Carter has 35 years of experience in the vintage guitar world, including 10 years as Gibson’s in-house historian and 12 years at a vintage dealer. He has written a dozen books on vintage guitars and guitar companies, ranging from Gibson: 100 Years of an American Icon to Gruhn’s Guide to Vintage Guitars to the 40-pound coffee-table book The Guitar Collection.

Office Team

General Manager / Head of Creative

Jon Roncolato

Senior Accountant  

Angela White

Content Manager

Keith Cypert

Inventory Manger

Machaela Nesler-Scibilia

Sales Team

Sales Floor Manager

Poncho Stevens

Front of House

Summer Pittman

Sales Floor Manager

Justin Nash

Front of House

Taylor McGuire

Sales Associate

Seth Plemmons

Front of House

Lily Sutton

Sales Associate

Erik Frykman

Repair Team

Head of Repairs

Wade Cofer

Procurement Manager / Vintage Specialist

Beau Hudson

Head of Amp Repairs

Zack Allen


Zach Bauman