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Why Buy from CVG Exchange?

  • Our Authentication Process

    We authenticate every instrument in person in our repair shop regardless of whether it's sold directly by us at Carter Vintage or by a private collector. This ensures that you'll receive an instrument that's nicely set up and exactly as described, especially when it comes to the originality of parts and finish on vintage instruments.

  • Shipments Protected in Transit at Full Value via Carter Care

    After an instrument arrives at Carter Vintage for authentication from the seller, we will send it to you using custom Aeris shipping materials and protected at full instrument value up to $500,000 USD via Carter Care.

    If anything goes wrong in shipping, you will deal directly with Carter Vintage rather than a carrier.

    Also, when sellers send us your instrument for authentication, we require that they use our shipping materials and Carter Care when shipping to us or provide their own insurance at full instrument value via an approved carrier (UPS, DHL, or FedEx).

  • Dedicated Sales Team

    Our Sales team will help you find exactly what you're looking for, whether you have something specific in mind or would like guidance along the way. They're available to assist you in person, via chats on our site, via phone, and via email. They also specialize in helping you find anything we don't currently have via our network of collectors.

  • 72-Hour Return Window

    Regardless of whether you purchase directly from Carter Vintage or from a private seller, all online purchases are subject to our 72-hour return window, so when buying from a private seller there's no need to check each individual return policy as we require all sellers to abide by our 72-hour return window to ensure you're happy with your purchase.

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