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Altman F5 2007
Altman F5 2008
Altman F snakehead
Antoria F
Arches F
Brentrup mandola
Collings MF5 Deluxe varnish
Daley F / Dave Harvey
Daley Vintage F natural
Daley "Hoss" replica
Duff F5, new
Duff F5, 1984
Duff mandocello

Ellis F5, new
Ellis AF Deluxe
Giacomel J5

GIBSONS have their own page

Gilchrist Model 1 (Junior)
Gilchrist Model 3
Gilchrist Model 4 Junior
Gilchrist Model 5
Gilchrist Model 5c
Gilchrist Model 5 mandola
Henderson F, 2002
Kay Professional electric

Kimble A5
Kimble 2-pt mandola
Kirk F5
Martin A
Martin AK-45
Monteleone F5
Monteleone Grand Artist
Nugget A
Old Wave "The One"
Red Line A-5 VSB
Red Line A-5 VSB Relic
Smart 10 string

Triggs F (3)
Tucker... new price
Unicorn 76... new price
Voight A
Weber Absaroka
Weber Big Sky
Weber Bitterroot
Weber Gallatin
Wendler electric solidbody
Weymann mandolute
Wiens... new price
Wilson (2)

CASES - please visit our CVG CASES PAGE for new Caltons and Hoffees, plus vintage cases.

Antoria F model, 1970s. Similar to an Ibanez from the same period.
f fc h hb nb bc b

Altman F5, 2008. An excellent F-5 by Bob Altman of Colbert, GA. With speed neck. Lightweight case. $12,950
front body head back
Altman M F5, 2007. A spot of touchup by the treble f-hole, speed neck. In a lightweight case. SOLD
front body head headback back

Altman F Snakehead, 2010. Bob Altman originally made his mandolin for Mike Marshall with a long scale. After playing it for a while, Marshall changed his mind about long-scale mandolins. Altman relocated the nut to the position of what was originally the first fret, and now the scale is 14 1/4", just 1/4" longer than standard. In a hardshell case. $8,950
front body head back

Arches F. Signed by Chris Baird; nice birdseye maple back, speed neck, warm brown-stain finish. In a hardshell case. $3,750
fr bod hd hdbk bodbk bk

Brentrup Model 32-S mandola, 2002. A powerful mandola with the three-point body shape of early Gibsons, made by Johannes Brentrup of Minneapolis. West Virginia red spruce top, curly maple back and sides, vase-and-wire headstock inlay, Handel tuners, violin spirit varnish over oil varnish finish. $20,700
Video of Tyler Andal playing the Brentrup.
brentrup front brentrup head brentrup headback brentrup back

Buckeye F5, 2005. A nice example from Myron Hart of Guysville, OH. In a rectangular hardhsell case. $5,500
fr bod hed hdbk bk

Collings MF5 Deluxe Varnish, 2004. Collings' fanciest model, with engraved tailpiece, elaborate headstock inlay and varnish finish; set up to play, with a speed neck. In a hardshell case, new price.... $8,750
front body head headback bodyback back

Daley "Hoss" replica, 2007. Sim Daley made this relic'd replica of Sam Bush's famous "Hoss" F-5, but Sam never picked it up, so Adam Steffey played it and won an IBMA award. In a fiberglass case. $21,500
front body head headback bodyback back steffey

Daley F5, 2002. Sim Daley almost finished this mandolin before trading it to Dave Harvey (who was then working for the Violin Shop and now heads Gibson's mandolin production). Harvey graduated the top and gave it a natural varnish finish. Key phrase being "graduated the top" for a great sound. In a hardshell case.  $7,500
f fc h hb bc b
Daley Vintage F, 2011. Sim Daley of Nashville snagged a piece of spruce from a 300-year-old building in New York City for the top of this F-style mandolin.


front body head back

Dudenbostel F-5, 2003. This beautiful custom mandolin was featured in the DIY Network's "Handmade Music" show, played by Andy Leftwich  at the Ryman Auditorium and at Ricky Skaggs' studio. Swiss Alpine spruce top, birdseye maple back and sides, Virzi, tortoise baindng, Waverly tuners, tortoise pattern binding, radiused fingerboard, banjo-size frets, oil varnish finish. SOLD
fronrt tailpiece head bodyback back

Duff F5, 1984. This Sitka-topped A model is Paul Duff's sixth mandolin and one he took with him when he first visited the U.S. in 1984. A later owner sent it back to Duff in Perth, Australia, for a makeover, and Duff recarved the top and back, replaced the fingerboard, and refinished it with French polish. It came out sounding better than ever. In the original wooden case that Duff made for the voyage. $5,500
f fc h hb bc b
Duff F5, new. Flowerpot headstock inlay. In a Presto fiberglass case. $9,000

front body head headback back

Duff K-5 mandocello, 2010. This stunning, natural-finish Duff mandocello, like Gibson's original K-5 of 1924, has the body of the L-5 guitar, with 16" width.  ON HOLD
duffK5 front duff K5 tlpc duff K5 head duff KF
                  headback  duff KF back

Ellis F5 Special, new. Adirondack top, sugar maple back. Upgrades include gold-plated Waverly tuners, and triple-bound body and headstock. In a Travelite case with built-in hygrometer. (inv MN327) $11,500
fr bod hed hdbk bodbk bk
Ellis A Deluxe, new. Beautiful flamed maple back and sides with Adirondack Spruce top. A wonderful sounding and lively instrument, toneful. With hard case. $5,200
f fc h hb bc b

Giacomel J5. Unique Italian design by Corrado Giacomel of Genoa, championed by David Grisman. Rich tone and unique look. In a hardshell case. $12,500
fr bod hed hdbk bocbk bk

Gilchrist Model 3, 2011. A beautiful f-hole A-style mandolin. In a Calton case. 
fr bod hed hdbk nk bl

Gilchrist Model 4 Junior, 2010. An oval-hole F model with the no-frills treatment of a Junior.  In its original mint green Calton case.
f fc h hb bc b

Gilchrist Model 5, 2006. The standard Gilchrist F-style model, with exquisite tone and impeccable craftsmanship.
In a mint green Calton case.

f fc h hb bc b
Gilchrist Model 5C, 1996. Gilchrist's "classical" model, one of five instruments made for the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble, owned and used on NME recordings by Fred Carpenter, later owned by Walter Carter. With a spectacular one-piece back. In a rectangular TKL case. $24,000
f fc h hb bc b

Henderson F, 2002. Barely played, great sound. In a hard case. $15,000
front body head headback back

Kay K390 Professional, c1960. "Powerful hi-fi magnetic pickup. In a soft case.  $500

Kimble A5, 2006. Great sound and great looks from Will Kimble of Cincinnati. In a hardshell case. $4,500
  f fc h hb bc b
Kimble Mandola, new. Will Kimble's two-point design provides a big body for full, rich mandola tone; 16" scale. In a Cedar Creek case. $4,900
fr bod hed hedbk bodbk bk

Kirk F5, 1991. The late Marion Kirk of Huntsville, AL, (d. 2010) made some powerful mandolins in the style of Gibson's F-5 (right down to the logo). In a lightweight hard case. $8,000
front body head headback back

Martin A, 1970. Exceptionally fine condition, warmer tone with more sustain than a carved-top model. In a hardshell case. $800
fr hed bk

Martin AK-45, 1983. Martin never offered their koa A-style with the pearl trim of a Style 45 guitar, so this beauty was custom-ordered by a Martin aficionado to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary. It's the fanciest mandolin ever made by Martin, and the hand-cut pearl headstock logo was a first for Martin. The label is signed by C.F. Martin III and IV. In its original hardshell case. $7,500
front body head headback rim back

Monteleone F5, 1978. This is instrument No. 20 from John Monteleone, one of the premier makers of archtop guitars. Monteleone's earliest instruments were inspired by Gibson's F-5, and this one delivers all the tone and chop that mandolinists would expect from a classic F-5. In a rectangular Price case. $17,000
front body head neck back

Monteleone Grand Artist. Serial number 44 shows Montelone's transition from Gibosn's influence to his own artistic elements, including the relaxed scroll, wider headstock, smaller pickguard and signature tailpiece. This Grand Artist retains the powerful sound of his earlier F5s. The tuners have been replaced and the original footprints have been drop-filled to make them almost indetectible. In a hardshell case. $23,500
front body head headback tuners bodyback back

Nugget A, late 1970s. This un-numbered A model was the first of Mike Kemnitzer's mandolin to have the Nugget name on the headstock (the headstock veneer has since been replaced). In a rectanglar hardshell case. $7,250
fr bod hed hdbk bk

Old Wave "The One." Made by Bill Bussman (as a companion to "The Other One"). In a tweed-covered hardshell case. $3,000
front body head headback bodyback back

Pava mandolins are made in the shop of Tom Ellis by Pava Knevezic.
Pava Satin Brown, new. Nickel Gotoh tuners, Allen tailpiece, brown satin finish. In a hardshell case. $2399
front back
Pava Satin Amber, new. Nickel Gotoh tuners, Allen tailpiece, amber satin finish. In a hardshell case. SOLD
front back
Pava Player, new. Nickel Gotoh tuners, Allen tailpiece, gloss sunburst finish. In a hardshell case.
front back
Pava Pro, new. Double-bound top and back, bound fingerboard and headstock, gold-plated Gotohs, James tailpiece. Hard case. SOLD,
front head back

Price Deluxe, 1997. Made by Gary Price of Jones, OK. Powerful cutting sound, beautifully figured maple back. A little misstep with the top finish. We're thinking of putting a black finish on the top - at no extra charge. In a rectangular hardshell case. $5250
front body head back

Red Line A-5VSB, new. Made by Steve Smith in Hendersonville, TN. A great price on a US-made mandolin. $2,250
f fc h hb bc b
Red Line A-5 VSB Relic, new. Years of playing wear built in to this mandolin. $2,750
f fc h hb bc b

Smart 10-string mandolin/mandola, 2009. Fan frets provide a scale length ranging from 14 1/4" to 15 3/4" for the full range or mandolin/mandola tonality. In its original case. $6,500
front body head headback body back back

Triggs F, 2006. A nice example from renowned archtop guitar and mandolin maker Jim Triggs of Lawrence, KS. In a hardshell case. $6,500
front body head headback bodyback back
Triggs F, 1997. An early post-Gibson mandolin from the man who revived Gibson mandolin produciton in the late 1980s. $4,500
front body head headback back

Triggs F, 2010. Satin finish, broken in by Wayne Benson. In a Travelite case. $3,950
front body head headback back

Tucker F-5, 1994. Made by Melvin Tucker of Washington, GA. Played by Wayne Benson. One-piece back, replaced tuners. In a rectangular hardshell case. new price.... $9,500
front headnack back

Unicorn 76, 1976. One of 11 made by Rolfe Gerhardt of Austin, TX (15 were planned but Rolfe only got to 11 before the year was over). Great sound and a rare collectible piece. In a hardshell case. New price... $3,250
front body board head headback heel back

Voight A5, 2012. Made by Dan Voight of Nashville, serial number 11. $3,500
front body head headback back

Weber Bitterroot F, 1999. One of the earliest Webers, made in Bozeman, MT. Full sound, "speed" neck (finish removed), Daniel Smith ebony bridge, cast Weber tailpiece. In a rectangular hardshell case. $2,500
front body head headback back
Weber Absoroka, 2008. A nice-sounding and nice-looking A model from the Bozeman, MT, production period. In its original case.

front head back
Weber Gallatin F. No binding, no frills, just good tone. Natural finish. In its original hardshell case. $2,250
front body head back
Weber Big Sky, 2005. Rich brown stain finish. In its original case. $3,250
fr bod hed hdbk bk

Webber F5 Corinne. Made by Ray Webber in the Dearstone mandolin shop. Beautiful curly maple and beautiful tone as well, as indicated by the playing wear on the back of the neck. In a rectangular hardshell case. $4,500
front body head headback bodyback back

Wendler electric. Eight strings, unique sculpted body for comfortable playing and light weight; Kent Armstrong magnetic pickup and piezo pickup. In a lightweight hard case. $1,200
front body head bodyback back

Weymann Mandolute, 1920s. A beautiful instrument with a demure sound; nice curly maple back and sides. In its original hardshell case. $1,250
front body head headback rim back

Wiens F5, 2003. Made by Jamie Wiens in Cranbrook, BC, for journalist Steve Stone. Check out Stone's article in Jan. 2004 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. Also listen to Jeff Rose playing "Red Wing" on this mandolin. Nice one-piece back, speed neck. In a fiberglass Eastman case. NEW PRICE...  $8,950
front body head headback bodyback back

Craig Wilson of Bakersfield, CA, (host of the Supergrass/Loarfest West in 2006-07) made a splash at 2013 IBMA with his new mandolins. Carter Vintage is happy to offer a pair of Wilson F-5s, both featuring oil varnish finish (12-15 micro-coats of True Oil gunstock oil) and Gotoh tuners.
Wilson F5, sn 008. $4,500
front body head back
Wilson F5, sn 009. $4,500
front body head back

Zeidler Carrara, 1984. John Zeidler of Philadelphia was one of 21 luthiers asked to contribute to Scott Chinery's Blue Guitar collection in 1998. Sadly, he died four years later of leukemia at age 44. His mandolins were as unique as his guitars, and he made this one in 1984 for his friend John McGann, who took it to Winfield in 1995 and won the National Mandolin Championship. McGann later sold it to Tommy Comeaux, a founding member of the Cajun band Beausoleil. After Comeaux was killed by an epileptic motorist while riding his bicycle, his family sent it to Dave Hussong at Fretware Guitars in Franklin, OH. Larry Nager, a bluegrass mandolinist and music editor for the Cincinnati Enquirer was interviewing Hussong for a feature story, and during a break in the interview he picked up this mandolin. Later, while transcribing the interview, he discovered he had left his tape recorder on, and the sound of the Zeidler brought him back to Fretware to buy it. Nager later received a full-color Zeigler catalog and a pricelist, and they are included with this instrument.  In its original hardshell case. $25,000
front body tailpiece head headback neck bodyback back