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Brentrup mandola    
Chris Stapleton's Collings MT2  
Collings MF5
Cushman F5
Daley Vintage F
Daley "Hoss" replica
Duff F models  
Duff mandocellos
Ellis F 2005
Fender FM60E
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 F-4 1912
 F-4 1918
 F-4 1922
 F-5 case
 F-5 owned by Charlie Collins 
 June 13, 1923 Loar 
 Feb. 18, 1924 Loar
 1927 fern F-5 
 1927 fern "Mildred"  
 F-5 Bill Monroe
 F-5 Fern, 2001
 F-5V Ricky Skaggs Distressed
 H-2 mandola
 H-5 Loar mandolas (2)

Gilchrist 4 Jr.
Henderson F, 1979
Henderson F, 2002
Kimble F, 2004
Kimble F, 2012
Pava (5)
Weber Black Ice
Weber Elite   
Weymann mandolute   

Breedlove Black Gold, 2010. Flat black finish, armrest added, gold-plated hardware. In its original hardshell case. $1,250
front armrest back

Brentrup Model 32-S mandola, 2002. A powerful mandola with the three-point body shape of early Gibsons, made by Johannes Brentrup of Minneapolis. West Virginia red spruce top, curly maple back and sides, vase-and-wire headstock inlay, Handel tuners, violin spirit varnish over oil varnish finish. $20,700
Video of Tyler Andal playing the Brentrup.
brentrup front brentrup head brentrup headback brentrup back

Clark F, 2003. Made by Austin Clark in Boise, ID. Oil varnish finish with tight crazing. Austin wrote about this one on his Facebook page when it came into his shop for setup in 2011: "If it ever comes up for sale again, snap it up! This one's a killer." In a rectangular hard case. $5300
front body head headback bodyback back

Collings MF5, 2008. Gloss finish, great sound, with a nice added armrest. In its original hardshell case. $5,250
front body head headback bodyback back 

Collings MT2. NAMM show sample from Collings' first batch of mandolins. Lacquer finish; bought new by Chris Stapleton (formerly of the Steeldrivers); autographed on top by Ricky Skaggs; finish chipped on neck near nut. In a hardshell case.  Collings' very first MT2 with varnish finish, made for the 2005 NAMM show (not yet labeled with a "V" for varnish), beautifully figured 2-piece back. $2750
front skaggs head neck back

Cushman F5. Made by Matt Cushman of Great Falls, MT. A great value in a handmade F-style mandolin. In a violin-style rectangular case. $2,450
front body head headback bodyback back rim1 rim2

Daley "Hoss" replica, 2007. Sim Daley made this relic'd replica of Sam Bush's famous "Hoss" F-5, but Sam never picked it up, so Adam Steffey played it and won an IBMA award. In a fiberglass case. $21,500
front body head headback bodyback back steffey

Daley Vintage F, 2011. Sim Daley of Nashville snagged a piece of spruce from a 300-year-old building in New York City for the top of this F-style mandolin. In a hardshell case. $8,500
front body head headback back

Dudenbostel F-5, 2003. This beautiful custom mandolin was featured in the DIY Network's "Handmade Music" show, played by Andy Leftwich  at the Ryman Auditorium and at Ricky Skaggs' studio. Swiss Alpine spruce top, birdseye maple back and sides, Virzi, tortoise baindng, Waverly tuners, tortoise pattern binding, radiused fingerboard, banjo-size frets, oil varnish finish. In a Travelite case with built-in hygrometer. $24,750
fronrt tailpiece head headback bodyback back

The Duff mandolin family, made by Paul Duff of Perth, Western Australia
Duff F-5, 2012.  A beautiful one-piece back. A little wear on the back of the headstock from a clip-on tuner. In its original Presto hard case. ON HOLD

front body head headback bodyback back

Duff H-5 mandola, 2009. This big-voiced mandola was broken in for a year or so by Mike Compton. Scale length is 15 3/4" (same as a Loar). In its original black Presto case. $8,500
duffHF front duffHF body duffHf-head duffH5 headback duffH5 back

Duff K5 mandocello, 2004. The 16" guitar body has minor dings and scratches. Used on the CD Inspired by Mark Daly. $5950

front body front head geadback rim rim back

Duff K-5 mandocello, 2010. This stunning, natural-finish Duff mandocello, like Gibson's original K-5 of 1924, has the body of the L-5 guitar, with 16" width.  $9500
duffK5 front duff K5 tlpc duff K5 head duff KF headback  duff KF back

Elkhorn F, 2013. As new condition, beautiful sound, satin gold parts, pearl buttons; radiused fingerboard, one-piece back. In its original hardshell case. $4,750
front body head headback bodyback back

Ellis A5, 2011. A beautiful A model from Tom Ellis, with elegant Deco headstock inlay and gold Waverlys. In a hardshell case. $4,750
front body head headback back
Ellis F5, 2005. Stunning quilted maple, from the first batch of four when Tom Ellis resumed mandolin building in 2005. It's the prototype for the builds that followed, and it's signed by Tom, Pava and Nathan Arrison. In its original shaped case. $9,850
front body head headback bodyback rim1 rim2

Fender FM60E SB. Five strings and more fun than a barrel of mandolin-banjos. In its original rectangular tweed-covered case. $475
front head back

Gibson Alright Style D, 1917. This was the forerunner of the Army/Navy model, which later inspired the Flatiron line. The finish has been removed from the top. The back, rims and neck have been refinished. A headstock veneer from a Gibson A-4 has been added. In a hardshell case. $1,250
front body label back

Gibson F-4, 1912. Classy black top finish and Handel tuners; a later height-adjustable bridge provides modern playability. In its original case. $5,500
front body head headback body back back

Gibson F-4, 1918, arguably the most beautiful of all Gibson mandolin models, with shaded red mahogany finish, double-flowerpot peghead inlay and intricately inlaid buttons on the Handel tuners. This instrument has the ancient woody tone that once inspired thousands of men and women to join mandolin orchestras. The bridge has been replaced with a height-adjustable unit. With its original hardshell case. $6,500  
Video of Sterling Abernathy playing the F-4 alone and another video with Sterling on our 1922 truss-rod F-4 and Tyler Andal on this F-4.
                        F-4 front 1918 F-4 back 1918 F-4
                        head  1918
                        F-4 case

Gibson F-4, 1922, made during the tenure legendary instrument designer Lloyd Loar. Features two important early-1920s improvements: the height-adjustable bridge and the adjustable truss rod in the neck. The rod gives the Loar-period F-4s more sustain and a more modern tone that is distinctly different from the pre-rod models. With its original hardshell case. $8500   Video of Sterling Abernathy duetting on this F-4 with Tyler Andal and an earlier non-truss rod F-4.
1922 F-4
                      front 1922 F-4 back 1922 F-4
                      head 1922 F-4

Gibson F-5, signed by Lloyd Loar on June 12, 1923. This Loar (sn 73641) went through a tough spell, leaving it with a big crack in the back, a crack in the rim, and some missing pieces in the back. Patches were spliced in (and are pretty obvious from the non-matching wood grain). And then it was sent to Gibson for a complete refinish. What didn't kill it made it stronger. $89,000
Adam Steffey takes on Frank Solivan (playing our Apr. 12, 1923 Loar) in a battle of the Loars.
front body head headback bodyback crack rim back

Gibson F-5 mandolin case, Loar period, green lining. new price... $9,800
loar1 loar2 loar3 loar4 loar5 loar6 loar7

Gibson F-5, signed by Lloyd Loar on Feb. 18, 1924. This is sn 75702. A little wear on the back, as one would expect from a mandolin that sounds so good. In its original case. NEW PRICE... $159,900
front body head headback neckback bodyback rim1 rim2 back sn signature

Gibson F-5, 1986. Formerly owned by Charlie Collins, longtime guitarist with Roy Acuff. One of the earliest mandolins made by Jim Triggs at Gibson; given to Collins when he played for Gibson company event. $15,000
collins f
collins head collins back charlie

Gibson F-5 fern, 1927. Mr. Loar left Gibson in 1924 but he didn't take the sound of his mandolins with him. This fern has all the power and punch of a Loar F-5 at half the price.  Finish checking on back, refretted by Hugh Hansen, small crack in headstock veneer touched up (crack does not go through), original rectangular HC. $82,500
Videos... Tyler Andal solo and Tyler Andal playing the fern alone, and Tyler Andal joined by Sterling Abernathy on the "Mildred" F-5.
fern front fern head fern guard fern crk fern back fern case

Gibson F-5 "Mildred," 1927. Mildred Byram, shown below in the 1930 Gibson catalog, was the original owner of this beautiful 1927 fern F-5. No issues, just great sound. The family says it came in a form-fit case (rather than rectangular) and that original case is still with it. $87,500
Videos... featuring Adam Steffey, and  Battle of the ferns with Sterling Abernathy on "Mildred" and Tyler Andal on our other 1927 F-5.
mildred front
mildred head mildred head
                    back mildred back mildred sn mildred

Gibson F-5 Bill Monroe, signed by Monroe Jan. 17, 1994. Exceptionally fine condition. In its original rectangular case. $9,500
front head back label

Gibson F-5 Fern, 2001. Serial numbered in 2001, label signed by Danny Roberts in 2002, Waverly tuners, neck finish removed by Gibson, new bridge. In its original case. $6,000
front tailpiece head headback back

Gibson F-5V Ricky Skaggs Distressed Master Model, 2008. Signed by Danny Roberts. In its original case with embroidered case cover. $17,500
front body1 body2 head headback back

Gibson H-2 mandola, 1919. A-style with beautiful shaded red mahogany finish. The pickguard clip and brace disintegrated at some point have been replaced. In its original hardshell case. $4,000
front guard head back

Gibson H-5 mandola, 1924. This Loar mandola, 76493, makes an F-5 sound a little small. Signed by Lloyd Loar on Mar. 31, 1924. With a Virzi Tone Producer. In its original hardshell case. $105,000
Video of Sterling Abernathy playing this one.
loar h5
                                front loar hf
                                frnt close loar h5
                                head loar h5
loar h5
                                sig loar h5
Gibson H-5 mandola, 1924. Serial number 76492 is only one number earlier than our other Mar. 31, but this one does not have a Virzi and it does have an undisturbed layer of factory lacquer overspray. In its original hardshell case. New price....  $85,000
front body head headback back
sig sn

Gilchrist Model 4 Junior, new. Made in 2011 from the fabled D Log. Held back by Gilchrist. Tone like Mike Compton's "Red" Model 4. In a hardshell case. $13,500
front tailpiece headback back

Henderson F, 1979. Serial number 35, label signed by Wayne Henderson June 9, 1979. This mandolin was formerly owned by Alan Bibey. The fingerboard is scooped and the neck finish has been removed. It was refretted by Nashville mandolin maker Dan Voight. new price... $13,500
front close1 close2   tailpiece head headback neckback back 

Henderson F, 2002. Barely played, great sound. In a hard case. $15,000
front body head headback back

Hooper F5, new. Made by Ken Hooper of Elkin, NC; James tailpiece, Waverly tuners; Hooper's personal mandolin. In a Travelite case. $4,500
front body scroll fhole head headback bodyback scrllback

Kimble F, 2004. Number 55 from Will Kimble of Cincinnati features block inlays and a full, rich sound. In a tweed-covered case. $7,750
front body head head back bodyback

Kimble F, 2012. A great, well-balanced F from Will Kimble of Cincinnati, with a dark line of binding on the side as well as the top, plus a killer back. In a white/teal Calton case. $9,250
front guard binding head headback back

PAVA mandolins are made in the shop of Tom Ellis by Pava Knevezic. We were so impressed with the quality and value of these mandolins that we bought all the mandolins that Pava brought to the summer NAMM show in Nashville.
Pava Satin Brown, new. Nickel Gotoh tuners, Allen tailpiece, brown satin finish. In a hardshell case. $2249
front back
Pava Satin Amber, new. Nickel Gotoh tuners, Allen tailpiece, amber satin finish. In a hardshell case. $2399
front back
Pava Player, new. Nickel Gotoh tuners, Allen tailpiece, gloss sunburst finish. In a hardshell case. $2849
front back
Pava Pro, new. Double-bound top and back, bound fingerboard and headstock, gold-plated Gotohs, James tailpiece. Hard case. $3249
front head back
Pava Pro #100. Pava Knevezic celebrated her 100th Pava mandolin by choosing special woods, expanding the headstock inlay and adding a double-bound pickguard. In a hardshell case. $3699
front head back

Price Deluxe, 1997. Made by Gary Price of Jones, OK. Powerful cutting sound, beautifully figured maple back. A little misstep on the front finish. In a rectangular hardshell case. $5250
front body head back

Prucha F5, 2011. A fine mandolin from the Czech Republic. Upgraded tuners and Fishman pickup. In a fiberglass case. $5,500
front tailpiece head board headback bodyback rim1 rim2 back

Rigel G-110, 1998. Nice acoustic sound and wonderful plugged-in tone. In a hardshell case. $2750
 rigel body back

Stanley F-V, 2006. In a hardshell case. $6250
front body head headback bodyback back

Weber Black Ice, 2011. A striking creation in black-and-white from Bruce Weber. Made in Bozeman, MT. In its original hardshell case. $4000
front body head headback back

Weber Elite Blackface, 2012. A beautiful mandolin with Engelmann spruce top, one-piece back of highly figured Bastogne walnut (finished with unfilled pores), and beveled pickguard. In its original hardshell case. $5500
weber front weber
                                pickguard weber
                                pickguard weber
                                headback weber

Weymann Mandolute, 1920s. A beautiful instrument with a demure sound; nice curly maple back and sides. In its original hardshell case. $1250
front body head headback rim back