"The Carters are selling some killer instruments" -- Timm Kummer, Facebook, 4/6/13


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This Flatiron bouzouki has sold, but we have many more instruments from the Steve Earle collection, all with a signed letter from Steve.
dumbledlxyoutube Share J.D. Simo's enjoyment of a super-rare Dumble Overdrive Deluxe amp on the Carter Vintage YouTube channel. Also check out guitar videos from Guthrie Trapp, mandolin videos from Tyler Andal, David Benedict, and Chris Thile, and banjo videos from Charlie Cushman, plus our favorite duo - Mr. and Mrs. Dawg. Also check video listings by artist and instrument.

 janis Janis Ian stopped in for one last visit with instruments from the Janis Ian collection offered by Carter Vintage. The two-time Grammy winner is lightening her arsenal to help fund future artistic projects , and our offering of instruments is as eclectic as her career, with acoustic and electric guitars, plus a bass.

We offer lessons - former Vince Gill bandmember Jeff White has joined our teaching staff. We have a full-line repair department. And we do appraisals.

It's gettin' loud in here... Visit our Amps page for more on the Dumble OD Special and super-rare OD Deluxe owned by Keith Urban. And on our new Marshalls page, check out the whitefront, the offset, the Mini-Bluesbreaker, the Series 1 Bluesbreaker and more.amps acousticsOne of only two petite-bouche Django style guitars made by John Monteleone, pre-Norlin J-200s, a prewar L-Century and L-00, and a Kurt Gisclair, all new on the CVG ACOUSTIC PAGE... plus a super clean 1948 D-18 and new prices on our '35 and '38 D-18s .... check 'em out on our MARTIN PAGE.

fuzzJust in... a Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface, joined by an original Klon Centaur, and pedals by Jetter, J. Rockett, Mythos Wampler, and more, all on the  CVG EFFECTS PAGE. And don't miss the Gretsch Playboy Wah and the Ludwig Phase II Synthesizer.

 smartA July 9 Loar F-5 heads the list of new arrivals on the CVG MANDOLIN PAGE. It's joined by a new Giacomel, a Derrington-signed F-5L a new Ellis F, and the first mandolin to bear the Nugget logo.

ralph The Margaret Boote custom RB-4/Florentine has sold, but check out our pristine prewar TB-18 on the CVG BANJO PAGE along with some outstanding Enoch open-backs and a Gibson RB-3 with J.D. Crowe's signature on the head.
dblneckA pair of Scheerhorns join the  Paul McGill resonator guitar (left), the Sho-Bud Lloyd Green and the ZB Custom D-11 pedal steel.... all new on our page for STEELS, RESOS and UKES. stratA Vox Phantom XII - in Stereo, no less - leads the parade of super cool guitars newly arrived on the CVG ELECTRIC PAGE. Check out the Postals, Epis, Kents, Duesenberg, Teisco and the Hagstrom. Plus a Fender Match Set in quilted maple,  a near-mint '56 Strat, and new Bluesman relics.
bluesmanCheck out the great relic'd basses from Bluesman Vintage, along with a Fender Bass VI in Candy Apple Red and a simulated-marble finish on a Roscoe Fretless, new on  the CVG BASS PAGE.

miscA Michael Lowe lute (sold), a bass viola da gamba (find another in a guitar store), a couple of dulcimers, a giant guitar book, and a stray violin, all on the CVG page for more stuff.
willisSigned and numbered prints of Allen Messer's iconic SRV photo, plus Messer's photos of Johnny Cash;  James A. Willis's guitars; and Lamar Sorrento's portraits. All on the CVG GuitarArt page.
 custom logo We've got 'em. Please call or email. memphis
gilchrist STEVE GILCHRIST left a batch of mandolins with Carter Vintage in Nov. 2014, but they're all gone now. The next batch is spoken for, too. For pricing info and a place on the list, please call 615 915-1851 or email.
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